Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's possible.

"Chalk off another surgery" my dad cheerfully announed to me when I returned from the hospital.
True another surgery down and plenty to go.
Returning home, I received hundreds of cards, letters, funds, and other trinkets from wonderful people from all over the globe. I read a good portion of them. I am in awe. What amazing friends I have-most I have never met.
Laying in bed today and staring up at my crystal light fixture my awesome sister-in-law Lisa picked out for me, I reflected. Tomorrow is Jane's sixth birthday. Oh how I wish I could make her a birthday cake, smother her with kisses, pick out her birthday outfit and make her feel so special. Jane has taken the accident particularly hard. Life is a challenging road. I am going to make Jane feel like a little princess tomorrow-with my verbal expression of love. Thats not too hard, she is so lovable not to mention adorable!!
Jimmy ate Ollie's cookie today, Gigs hid his 'abc' gum under his coloring book, and Claire wrote a book today all about germs. All I can say is, after reading her book I will ALWAYS wash my hands with soap. These are all things I enjoyed while kicking it in bed. I've found it's possible to do that.