Thursday, February 19, 2009

A good day, seriously.

I sat on couch today full as a stuffed pig. Mr. Nielson packed me full of protein this morning, and I devoured every last bite. Gaining weight has been a challenge and I am dying for a little 'junk in the trunk' you know what I mean? Not to mention my chest area abnormally small-especially for a Clark (thanks grandma).
I watched Gigs throw popcorn to Jimmy all morning. Gigs was so excited, and forgive me, I couldn't stop enjoying that just a little-something about his big brown eyes lighting up with each fluffy throw forced me to look on. Jimmy may or may not have gained a few pounds today.
They are best friends.
Jane turned six successfully. Unfortunately Mr. Nielson and I had to visit the good peeps at the burn unit all afternoon. Aunt-mommy Lucy took the children. They love to play with her chickens and other things that her cozy farmhouse supplies. Lucy also created a beautiful two layer chocolate cake atop with pink frosting just for Jane.
Did I mention I had surgery on my hand. I have a cast on about the size of a boxing glove. I also received a skin release under my (super-hairy-you-could-braid-it) armpit. A splint was made for me to keep the arm elevated. My arm looks like a elephant trunk.
So I decided to go to target for every patron to pretend not to look at me and every child to stare at me. Hard.
That night after the children were all in bed, I invited Mr. Nielson to feed me a warm chocolate oatmeal cookie. We quoted Brian Reagan all night long until my benadryl dozed me off to dreamlamnd.
It was a good day...a very good day without one tear.