Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shhhhhhhhhh, sleeping!

ollie fast alseep on the couch, looks yummy!

Dear friends,
Sorry for a skip in a post. I woke up with a stomach ache that rocked my world. Then busy with dressing changes, wound care, and physical therapy. Speaking of physical therapy, we all know what that is right? Well in a nut-shell it means pain.
Yesterday at physical therapy I fell asleep, WHILE my fingers were being twisted and bent. How does one fall asleep during that kind of pain?
How uncomfortable to fall asleep while someone is talking to you anyway.

"what is your favorite movie" Angie the PT asks.

How can I answer that when I am jumping on fluffy frosting clouds in dreamland??
Finally I came back to reality. Angie gave me in a awkward look.

"Were you asleep" she asks

"ummmmmmm" I stall and slump in my chair and then I look down at my pants-drool. Dang.

Well it happened again today while I was laying on the PT table. Steph cranked my shoulders and my eyes drooped and nite-nite. Me feel stupid, but well rested.

Must be those late night talks with Mr. Nielson that make me drowsy- I can't help myself, I love him all day and night.
We will see what today brings. I'll let you know.