Monday, January 19, 2009

15 steps

We all have lists right? Grocery, goals, and wish lists (and so forth). Do you by chance have a "morning list" I do. Its new "AC" (after-crash).

1. wake up- 9:00.
2. take off chin strap
3. take out mouth piece (it usually smells awesome)
4. take feet out of heal protectors, which actually look like moon boots.
5. take blankets off body...feels like 500 pounds.
6. cry/pray.
7. wake up mr.nielson.
8. stretch.
9. pray...again.
10. stand up...blood drain to feet. ouch.
11. wobble like a 100 year old man (or C-3PO-however you look at it)to raised!

13. shower/cry/pray.
14. health home nurse comes.
15. remove dried skin. double ouch.
14. slather olive oil on skin with a bunch of other crap.
15. take 100 pills

N0w it is almost noon. Time for food!!
Tomorrow you should hear bedtime list. It involves WAY more crying.