Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Link to Keeping It Real

Dearest Keeper of Nie Nie Dialogues,

It's wonderful to feel united with so many that love Steph from afar as I do. She is truly iconic and I loved the glimpse Keepin It Real gave into her everday. One of my favourite posts is "Keepin It Real." Such a simple post in reply to a tag but she was willing to share it and let us all in. Like her my part of the closet is unorganized and crammed with sentimental trinkets where as my husbands is spick and span. I love the shoes, her full fridge, the sunlight streaming thru the windows. Steph has taugh me so much all through exposing her true self to the blog world. Because of her my thoughts, beliefs and goals have changed, shifted, improved.

  • embrace my scattering of freckles
  • choose red more often
  • let the kids be kids (checking out the toilet water)
  • honour my husband
  • eat more tofu
  • create
  • write love notes
  • be motivated in making my family happy
  • celebrate well
  • acknowledge my efforts
  • choose yellow more often
  • express tenderness
  • wear a skirt
  • send more thankyou notes
  • adore my children more and more and more
  • try yoga
  • love my heart shaped face
  • dress up
  • eat less meat

Thankyou forever Stephanie Nielson!

Holly A. in Australia