Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tribute to Nomadic Nie

I have an especially fond likeness to her Nomadic Nie posts. On July 29, 2008 I emailed Nie Nie to see if there was even a possibility that I might be able to get a visit from Nomadic Nie. I thought that it would be the coolest thing EVER! I honestly didn't expect to hear from Nie, but I was wrong. On August 4th she emailed me back and promised that as soon as Nomadic Nie returned from her travels in Austria (she is currently with her brother-in-law serving a mission there) that she would send her to me, in Texas, in October. I was so thrilled that 1) she wrote back and 2) she actually agreed to send me Nomadic Nie! I think in that moment, the "distant" and almost "character-in-a-book" Stephanie was dissolved and she was humanized to me. Sure, I knew that she was a real person and sure, I knew we shared the gospel in common, but I had contact with her. I wasn't just checking her blog, I was actually corresponding with her and that made my experience all the more palpable. It totally exemplified her kindness and her heart and soul.

With the recent events, I knew it probably won't happen and I'm okay with that. More than anything, all I want is for Stephanie's and Christian's recovery to be speedy and for them to go home and give their genetically-gifted children hugs and kisses. I want Stephanie to have her life back. It may not be exactly the same, but I want her to be where she was happiest most.

We love you Nie!

South Texas


(This is just the first of many Nomadic Nie posts. You can see them all buy searching for "Nomadic Nie" in the upper left-hand corner of the web page.)

This is ‘lil Nie from Spain- well actually she is from Heinslemans-a traditional, old-fashioned little shop downtown Provo. My mother bought her for me when I was 13 because she felt sorry for me.
I was supposed to be on a jet headed for Malaga, Spain to welcome my brother Andrew from his 2-year mission. Except, I wasn’t. I was at home, doing something brainless like math problems, probably.
Andrew did not want to be picked up.

He just wanted to come home.

This is how it worked growing up:
My older Sister Page picked up my brother Steve from Peru.
My other sister Courtney picked up my brother Christopher from Finland.
I was supposed to pick up Andrew from Spain

instead I got ‘Lie Nie.

‘Li Nie has been more places on this globe than I have.
I am not complaining, I love her. and ‘Lil Nie tries NOT to rub it in. (except for tonight, when she pulled out her new pair of Italian made leather tea gloves…thanks a lot.)

She is the one traveling the world in my behalf.

In fact she just got back from Italy where she toured the Tower of Pisa, went on Gondola rides and had real Italian Gelato. Seriously. I have the pictures to prove it, which I will post on Monday when I introduce for your delight

“Nomadic Nie”

the traveling foo.
She is making her way to London in November and San Francisco and Seattle in December. She is going to become quite the world traveler.

Are you going anywhere? Is there a place for ‘Lil Nie in your suitcase? She would love to go with you! E-mail me, and I will pack her suitcase and send her to you.
She is the world’s easiest traveler.

She never gets tired, grumpy or hungry-all I ask is that you take a few photos of 'Lil Nie enjoying the world.