Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Re-posted: Jane's Date

I think one of my favorite NieNie posts is "Jane's Date" posted March 1 of 2007;it's the one where Jane gets to go out to dinner with the godparents all on her own. It is such a sweet and funny retelling of how special it made Jane to feel to have a dinner out (without Claire!) to celebrate her 4th birthday. It also just shows how much love Stephanie puts into making each one of her children feel special and unique. And Jane's smile in the photos tells just how much fun she had! It's truly a talent of Stephanie's to make us all see the joy in the everyday.
Austin, Texas

Originally posted March 1, 2007
A purple letter came in the mail.
This purple letter brought so much happiness.
This purple letter was for Jane.
This purple letter meant an experience with the Godparents.

A date was in order to celebrate "miss Jane's" 4th birthday.

Godmother Reachel and Godfather-wizard Andrew picked up Jane
and took her on a intimate and cherished birthday date to
commemorate Jane Turing 4.
I read this letter to Jane 4-kagillion times,
she was so ecstatic at the thought of being with her godparents all alone.
(mostly because Claire was not na na na na na)

When Jane returned home from her special date, I asked her what she did.
She explained:
"I ate ice cream and one was pink and the other was green with nuts.
I really liked the nuts on it.
Djuoo("do you" all together) know what mom, it was so fun and then
I went to Reachel's house and she gave me a drink of water
with this really cool cup.
Then I went to the bathroom and read
Reachel's magazines...
it was rally (valley-girl style) rally rally cool"
Thank you Godparents!
We love you!