Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Re-Posted: Home(ish)

One of my favorite posts was from July 7, 2008. (Home-ish)
I grew up in Utah (Pleasant Grove) and we now live in Tucson,AZ,
I LOVE Utah and I LOVE visiting my family!
I could really connect with her feelings of coming home to a hot house,
tons of laundry, and being glad to be home, but not feeling that is was
true home. True home for me is Utah, it always will be no matter where else
we live.
Thank you for keeping everyone updated. You are all in our prayers!
Tara Curtis
Tucson, AZ

Originally posted July 7, 2008

We rolled into Mesa last night late.
The weather was hot and balmy. I walked into my house and it was 150 degrees. Mr. Nielson had turned off the AC before he left to Utah-It was intensely hot. No food in the fridge and hours of washing is in order, but, it is good to be home.
But actually, home is in Provo-I miss it already. A few tears have been shed.
I will post about the festivities tomorrow.