Friday, November 07, 2008

Link Request: Sleep In Heavenly Peace

You've already posted my favorite, which is when Gigs was born.
Here's the post I choose, but it wasn't easy: It begins "Mr. Nielson is NOT sick." (The picture is of him sleeping, and she explains that he is switching jobs and home from work. Then she lists all the things he's been doing like changing diapers all one day and working on the motorcycle, etc. on another day.) She ends by saying that she's going to send him out shopping and then make him a cobbler because "that's how it works"...This is a paraphrase, sorry. I thought I had copied it to paste here but must have pressed wrong key and don't have it. Didn't want to have to scroll through and find it again, so hope you can recognize it from this.)
Here's my thoughts on it:
All of my favorite posts (except the one when Gigs was born) are "Mr. Nielson" posts. Why? Because I love the romance. I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 18. We both fell hard. We married at 20 and 22. For the first ten years, I NEVER EVEN NOTICED he wasn't perfect. The next ten years I RESIGNED MYSELF to the fact that he wasn't perfect. The next ten years I ACCEPTED the fact that he wasn't perfect. Today (six years into the next ten), I APPRECIATE the fact that he isn't perfect.
So. Back to square one. We've come full circle. Except that this time the "not noticing he isn't perfect" comes with knowledge and a ppreciation. I see his imperfections, and I like them. They are familiar, endearing, and they balance out my own. I need that. Together, we bring each other from either extreme more to the center, and both of us come closer to getting it right.
As people, we are still imperfect as can be, but our choice to be together (forever) is not. And THAT'S perfect.
I like this particular post because Nie is able to mix the practical with the romantic and still let the romantic win out. (Like mentioning that she asks him to do some of the chores with his shirt off.) Also, she's right about making the cobbler! That IS how it works in marriage. Give and take. Take and give. Love it.

NIe is neat. So are you.
Sue Anderson =)

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