Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Re-Posted: Ticket City

I love each and every one of nie nie's posts. Who doesn't right??? One I really love is "Ticket City". It is a perfect depiction of Nie as a mother. Claire gets a ticket at school for doing something "naughty" and Nie allows her to stay home and have a super fun day making pancakes, reading books, and playing at the playground "until her little hearts content" to alleviate the stress the ticket caused her. Many parents would have punished their child. But not Nie...she is the perfect mother and so sweet.. I love EVERY aspect of Nie and Christian's parenting style. I love that Nie gives all of herself to her children and her husband. She is a wonderful Latter Day Saint. I love her creativity and the way she must make her children feel sooo individual and special. This truly is the most amazing family. It makes me want to be a better mother to my children, and a better wife to my very own Christian. I am uplifted and rejuvenated when I read and re-read and re-read the nieniedialogues...I hope to be a little more "nie-ish" everyday. She is a amazing example..
Thanks to these wonderful people that make my life so much richer through their words.
May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and sustain you all!

Originally posted 5/1/08

Ticket city is a spot way in the back by the
kindergarten room with all sorts of colored tickets for bad kids.
Claire received a red one.
Apparently, she went to the bathroom during seat work, and instead of going back to class she helped herself to the monkey bars.
When I told Christian, we both laughed our heads off imagining Claire sneaking off for some one on one time with the playground.
Claire was ashamed and stressed out about her red ticket.
That means, Claire has been constipated including a stomach ache since then.
Claire would not eat any dinner.
Claire is staying home from school today.
I don't think a 6 year old should have stress in life-time for that later.
We are going to make pancakes with lemon whipped cream and strawberries. Read books all day long, and play at the playground until her little hearts content.

Then come home where you belong.