Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Re-Posted: Nie Nie, On Being Proud

My favorite post is this: Nie Nie: on being proud.

Why this is my FAVORITE POST (in the entire of the blogging word):
I got married young - real young, just like Nie. And to be honest, I'm only 20 right this very second!! It feels like alot of my associates at school, some of my friends and even members in my own family couldn't understand why I would get married so young. I felt like I'd done something wrong - even though my husband and I married in the right place at the right time on a beautiful June day. And my family (not my husband, he of course knew!) was never more surprised when I announced I wouldn't be continuing on to law school after I graduated this coming spring - instead I wanted to become a mother and a stay-at-home mother at that. It feels like the world doesn't understand the divinity of being a "Mother Who Knows" and often times I wonder if I'm making the right choice. Nie's post, this wonderful post, affirmed to me that I am making the right choice. There is a special glow that mother's have and I've never seen it more strongly in Nie. I dream of the days when I can be a mother, hopefully a mother just as beautiful, classy, kind and sweet as her.

Whitney King
the king and I(my little tiny blog)

Originally posted September 15, 2005

I can sincerely come up with thousands of reasons why I am proud. I decided to come up with a few vital reasons to share. (Not in any particular order)
I looked up other words that mean ‘proud’ and words like arrogant, conceited, puffed-up, pompous, self-righteous and bigheaded came up. I hope I don’t come off that way…but if I do, I still am proud of this list.
I am proud to say I married the most amazing man on the planet.
I am proud that my husband is SO dang good looking.
I come from the great land of America. How truly blessed I am that I was born here where dreams can be achieved. I am proud to be an American.

I am proud that Christian cuts my hair-no charge (and since I don’t have any money it works out really great, because we find other ways of payment.)
I am proud that after high school I fell in love and got married
I am proud that I was born in such a large family and named after my father.
I am proud that I come from Utah.
I am proud that I am a Mormon-born and raised.
I am proud of my rich pioneer heritage.
I am proud that I breast-fed my first two children until the age of 15 months.
I am proud that I have loads of scrapbook albums for my family.
I am proud that I was a ski instructor at Sundance.
I am proud that I have never had a taste of any alcoholic beverage, never puffed tobacco, (or anything of the like) and desired or tried drugs.
I am proud to say I don’t own a R-rated movie- or watch them, for that matter.

I am proud that I had three children before turning the ripe old age of 23. I am proud to say that my husband is the only man that ever “knew” me.
I am proud and confident to say that Christian adores me for every reason possible.
I am proud of my curvy, athletic body that can support my desire to have children. (so is christian)
I am proud of my choice to put off school to have offspring.
I am proud that my father is a representative in the legislature in Utah and fights for values.
I am proud that my family thrives on a vegetarian diet. I am proud of my colorful walls in my house.
I am proud that all five of my brothers and one sister went on missions for the church and one sister serving now in England.
I am proud of my in-laws for having eleven children who are all excellent citizens.
I am proud that I drink distilled water. (Credited to the in-laws)
I am proud to say my favorite holiday is Halloween.
I am proud of my whole wheat pizza’s I make every Saturday night for my family.
I am proud of President Bush, and proud to say I think he is doing a good job.

To conclude, I can directly say: I am proud of this list.