Thursday, October 23, 2008

Re-Posted: Mindy Gledhill's Friday Face

Originally posted September 7, 2007

It is with great pleasure I introduce my friend Mindy.
Now, of course I couldn't lie to you and pretend that I was NOT jealous of this beauty during high school years. What, with long legs, blonde hair, blue eyes, the smarts to please Harvard, picture-perfect smile and of course her voice...that voice that would convince you, you had died and gone to heaven.
I couldn’t stay jealous for long because Mindy is the sweetest being you will ever meet, and I mean that. Her persona waves off beauty, placidness, and love that one can grapple just by being in her sight.

(Mindy with boys Miles "Thatcher" and Jackson. Mindy lives in Utah with boys and husband Ryan.)

So you see why it as hard to have

jealous feelings for this lovely woman…impossible.
One late summer day a package arrived in the mail for me. Packages were a godsend as I was living hundreds of miles away from “home” in Utah and making my days in New Jersey. With my third child on the way, I must admit I was overly emotional and lonely.

Inside this package that my mother sent was Mindy’s first CD “Sum of all Grace” I will never forget the waves of sentiment that washed over me while listing to it. The lyrics, the piano and of course her voice created such tears that I had to sit down over the

course of entire CD just to take it all in. It truly was an awaking.

With a new sound her newest album “Feather in the Wind” is just as striking but much different from the “gospel-oriented” theme.

I love it.

I was honored to have gotten a "sneak listening" because Mindy sent the album in the mail for me weeks ago. (thank you)
“Feather in the Wind” comes out September 12th. I was lucky to have an interview with my dear friend who instead of dancing at our Senior Prom with her date was singing the theme song.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mrs. Gledhill:

What has been your happiest childhood memory?
We had a pasture and a pond out in the back of our home where I ran wild and barefooted with my siblings. We were at one with all the farm animals and with nature. I have very fond memories of making forts in the hay, riding horses bareback, and playing games in the tall grass.
What has been your hardest choice so far in life:

To be a mother and work at the same time
What is your greatest accomplishment:

To be a mother and work at the same time.

(Jackson and Thatcher)

Who is your musical guru:

Scott Wiley (whom I undertand you just interviewed)
What makes you the most proud about your music:

all the vocal textures
Who do you listen to/influences you:

Well, right now, the hot picks on my playlist are Imogen Heap, John Mayer, Feist and Switchfoot
What scares you:

Deep water
Something that has been on your mind lately is:

The power in the Law of Attraction. It really works. I swear by it.
Your life would be more simpler if...

I wasn’t such an American consumer
How do you balance your life:

I take an aimless walk by myself every day. I’m not going anywhere in particular, nor am I trying to exercise. The rhythm of walking is therapeutic and helps me make sense of the scrambled mess going on in my brain.

If you could describe yourself in one word it would be:


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