Friday, October 10, 2008

Re-Posted: I Love My Life

I just discovered Stephanie's blog after your appearance on the Today Show and I must say that she has the life that all of us long for. She is so very inspiring. I hope that she is better soon and able to do what she does best: take care of her family.

I wanted to see her family pictures again, the pictures taken by Wendy Whitacre. They are a beautiful testament to Stephanie, Christian, and their beautiful children. The title "I Love My Life" is most certainly evident. It was the post from July 22, 2008.


Krissy Haga

Originally posted July 22, 2008

While in Utah, my cute friend Wendy Whitacre
took these photos of us. She did a fabulous job.
When I look at these pictures I feel so happy-
she really captured how I feel each day with my life, kids, and husband.

There was a deer in the apple orchards. Apparently I was really excited!

Wendy's blog
look for sister cjane and darlybird and best friend Ms. Jones.