Thursday, October 09, 2008

Re-Posted: Father Week, Day Two

You've really issued an impossible task, you know. To pick one's favorite post from Nie? So much glorious fodder to choose from! But, the post that immediately came to mind was this one: Father Week, Day Two
So much love for one another, for their children, and it's all captured in that photo of the 6 of them dancing. It's such an intimate moment of being silly and loving on their kiddos, and she shared that with all of us. And I always love when something that was "just mine and my husband's" from our dating life, becomes a part of our new life together with our son. The love of music, a silly dance, a code word, whatever it might be. Her posts make her readers want to be better wives and mothers. They make us appreciate the little, amazing moments that happen every single day.
At least, that's what they've done for me.
Continuing to pray...

Originally posted June 12, 2007

Chapter 2:
Why it is nice that our father likes music.
Lets venture back about, lets say seven years ago June 4th. Mr. Nielson requests a date with NieNie. Mr. Nielson picks NieNie up at 9:00 pm, acts like ideal gentlemen; opening car doors and the like. NieNie sits down in Mr. Nielson's sleek black car and Mr. Nielson turns on his ignition. Vociferously Mr. Nielson's party mix blares in NieNie's ears. Wait! Is that Enrique Iglesias signing? I inquire. "Yes, and Christina Aguilera was singing before that Before most of you think my husband is a geek, just consider this: is it possible to NOT dance to that type of music? I think not, and who doesn’t like to dance? Ever since NieNie married Mr. Nielson, she enjoys all types of music.

Why, just the other day, Mr. Nielson came home from work with a tune. After a nice kiss from NieNie, mugging on the children he went straight for the Nielson music library and retrieved (after a few good hours) his jingle. “I found it,” he yells and soon enough the Bose is thumping out Maurice Ravel’s Belaro. This song would make you weep if you let it. It is stirring, rousing, and emotive; it will conjure up every sentiment deep within ones soul and tear your heart out at the same time. It will also make you march. Seriously.
This is what music will do to you if you are married to Mr. Nielson. So he gathered his family around him turned up the volume and began dancing err, marching (see above picture)

And that is why it is nice to have a father who likes music-all kinds.

the end.
tomorrow's reading:
Chapter three;
"Why it nice to have a father who likes children."

PS. To all of you who requested recipes. I have decided to create another blog dedicated (thanks for the idea, Leisha & LA) just to wholesome NieNie vegetarian delight. You can check it out here, Look for another Vegetarian week coming your way soon!