Monday, October 20, 2008

Re-Posted: Broken latte pieces, a glued tradition

this is one I really loved .. Broken latte pieces, a glued tradition posted December 17th 2005.
I love this post because it shows just how perfectly Stephanie made the little things so special. (and it also shows her fabulous taste!) I love that she could make buying new bowls from anthropologie such a beautiful tradition on her anniversary. I love that, like everything else, it was something simple but so unique and personal to her & Christian. I love that they now share the tradition with their children and I love that when another bowl broke she just gave herself something to look forward to.
My husband & I just celebrated our first anniversary in New York. When I walked into Anthropologie - I couldn't help but think of the one day Stephanie & Christian would return to the same exact spot to celebrate another year together, their family & love, and more broken bowls.
Brooke Ackley
Erie, PA (transplanted from Texas)

Originally posted 12/17/05
After I was engaged in September of 2000, Christian and I bought a house that was almost 100 years old. It was charming. My favorite feature was the beautiful pink flower stained glass window it had near the wide oak front door.
We began working to make the house suitable. We painted walls, pulled out carpet, added wide wood trim to the classically beautiful hardwood.
Then we painted the kitchen a lime green.
A color I admired in a latte bowl from my very favorite store Anthropologie. I bought 8 new latte bowls in every color imaginable for my new kitchen. Christian came over to visit me after school one day and I held up all the bowls with pride.
"This is where I will be dishing your 7 grain cereal in" I said with a smile. He smiled back. I am sure he was thinking how great it would be to actually have a bowl to eat out of, instead of huge popcorn bowls, or whatever happened to be clean in his collage apartment.
We almost made it a whole year without breaking one bowl, until Christian fed Jimmy his leftover soy chocolate ice cream in the purple bowl. Jimmy was so excited he scratched the bowl so vigorously for more, it cracked.
One down, 7 more to go.
So on our first year anniversary (which was spent in Scottsdale, Arizona) we decided to buy a new latte bowl to make it even, but Anthropologie did a mean trick, they added many more beautiful colors.
We picked up 6 more.
Claire was born, and pretty soon I had a box in my garage with broken latte bowl pieces. (Someday I will make something out of them. The colors are too dazzling to throw out. Maybe I will make a mosaic table like Courtney did. )
Our second anniversary we picked up more to compensate the broken bowls from the year before. And so our tradition began.
Jane was born and more bowls broke, it was OK I'd buy more in December.
Two days ago Oliver picked up (my original 2000) orange latte bowl filled with his oatmeal and threw it over the edge. He watched it drop, and break.
He watched it with power in his eyes. I think.

That is OK I said to him as I bent down down to clean up his mess.

"Because sweety in a few days I am going to get more" Then he threw Oatmeal in my hair.

Yesterday we visited Anthropogie in SoHo, and we bought 7 more latte bowls. To our surprise they had mini lattes as well. Perfect for little hands. We bought 9 of them. It is not sad when one breaks, as it should be. I know every anniversary brings more latte bowls, and thus our tradition stands.