Friday, October 03, 2008

Re-Posted: Baking Christmas Cheer

This is my favorite post by Stephenie. I remember reading an interview with her once and she said that she used magazines as her inspiration for the look of her blog. The pictures and colors could come straight from a Martha Stewart magazine on the different way you could 'use everyday items in your home to share treats from the kitchen'. And it really (really!) made me wish I was her next door neighbor!
Lorinda (from Georiga)

Originally posted December 23, 2007

The girls and I spent the whole day yesterday baking. We made dozens of double chocolate cookies and placing them in the tins I constructed (saved from Oliver's baby formula).
Too bad Jimmy had a few cookies (I am estimating around 10-11) because he threw up 5 times. A great learning experience for the girls
"See what happens when you eat too much cookies!"

Merry Christmas!