Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Re-Posted: A Messy Moment

Originally posted June 17, 2008

Today I let loose. I let my house get messy, really messy. Usually I would cave and pick up every last bit of whatever was on the floor, but not today. In fact, the cereal bowls are still in the kitchen. I am preparing for my 3 week hiatus to Utah and am focusing on other chores. Mother-in-law Mary is kind enough to take the children while I clean house.
I am looking forward to it.
So today in the midst of finding my suitcases, killing a few "crockroaches" (as the kids call them) running errands, changing every one's sheets, preparing for my race this weekend, and teaching yoga this evening-
I had a moment with Oliver.
He was Colonel General Oliver and I was his fair maiden. Then I broke out in a Pirates of Penzance song to which he promptly told me to "stop it Mom" and he left the room.
I found him with about 40 un-sharpened pencils in the other room playing with Jimmy.
I think I am lonely. Mr. Nielson as you know, is in San Fransisco. Lucky guy.
I sure miss you darling.
When you get home you can be Colonel General Mr. Nielson and I will be your fair maiden. ohhhhhh sounds so romantic. (except you wont have chocolate under your mouth right?)