Friday, September 12, 2008

Re-Posted: If I Were There

Originally posted April 17, 2007

MOTHER. Happy birthday. If I were with you today, we would wake up and I would make you some oatmeal with fresh berries atop. I would have fresh Arizona oranges on hand and squeeze you some juice. Then we would take our dogs to the "Y" and tell Steven Stewart off. Then we would sit in the living room and I would rub your back and we would discuss lunch. We would probably have Cafe Rio-I the veggie salad, you the pork taco (that's your favorite). Then we would go shopping. Probably Nordies where you would run into everyone you knew and I would tell them it was your birthday and you would get lots of would be great. Then we would buy a treat. Then we would go buy balloons, let them go and talk about buying new furniture. Then I would make you dinner and
rub your feet until your hearts content.
Then we would eat cake.

I love you Mother. I love you so much.