Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Re-Posted: Five Reasons Why I Feel Blessed

We've decided to republish some of Nie's posts from her archives
because we miss her daily musings.
This post was published on October 18, 2007.

Things that make me happy today.

1. Finally making our 16x16 garden a reality.

Why, that Mr. Nielson spent hours using his manly muscles and 3 gallons of his own sweat to make my dream come true. I could have rolled around that fresh compost (that we have been saving for nearly 6 months for this moment) kissing Mr. Nielson.

2. Dinners outside under the mulberry tree.
Enjoying the perfect lighting ambiance with over 30 baby jars and tea lights that Mr. Nielson hung so creatively under that tree.

3. The children enjoying a little good old fashion over-the-fence friendship with Kate.

4. Trying my very hardest to take care of Courtney. I love her.
5. This is the 501 post I have written. Congrats to the Nie!

Life is good.