Friday, July 18, 2008

Missing and other stuff.

Who has 'lil Nie?
She is scheduled to jet off to the Middle East.
If you have Nomadic Nie, would you kindly send her home.
Kindest regards!

Incoming letter from Iman. She writes:

"Hey Girl,
We have had no internet connection for 3 days, it felt like weeks.
I feel bad I don't have much to blog about, it's been beyond hot here. People stay in and go out after 5p.m. once it cools down a bit. You'll see kids in the streets playing until 11p.m., crazy!! Totally random, I did find a reputable dentist (studied in the states) I've needed to take my wisdom teeth out for some time. My husbands company doesn't have dental insurance (crazy I know) so this was my best option. 4 wisdom teeth for a mere $300.TOTAL, sweet. Trust me this is not like going to Cabo and getting breast implants over spring break. I did happen to find a cute shop that had some great things to look at. He has a suzani hanging on the wall for $400 dollars, I'm thinking about it. I'll include the pics of his store, Ali Baba's Treasures. The last picture is of Ray cooling off under a canopy of grape leaves.
Take care,
Iman "

Spiritual Enlightenment here.

Have a fabulous weekend. Mr. Nielson will have his final check-ride Saturday to officially make him a MR. PILOT NIELSON. wow.
Here's to finding 'Lil Nie, Keeping Mr. Nielson alive and enjoying 50000 degree weather. Cheers!