Monday, June 09, 2008

The weekend success....and a giveaway.

Favorite moments included:
*Mr. Nielson called me Saturday afternoon in his Cessna informing me that he was 7 minutes away from the house. I frantically gathered all the children and we watched him fly over us down on earth. We waved our hands and jumped up and down...ok actually I did all of that while the children( including neighbor kid) stared me.

*Indian food with the children and the Guru Palace. We sat on the floor surrounded by tons of fluffy pillows. It was certainly magical. We ate Naan until our hearts content.
(not to be confused with Nan my mothers dog)
*A big brown package arrived and inside was POPCORN! You bet! A Orville Redenbacher dream come true. Orville sent me plenty of popcorn and a awesome bowl to eat it in. We really enjoyed the salt and pepper popcorn, and guys seriously the best part about it, (besides them just sending it to me to try out some new delicious popcorn) there was NO PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OILS in them. That is a feat!
That is a big, huge deal! I am such a PH tight wad.
Anyway, so Orville told me he would be happy to send a couple
more popcorn love packs

out to YOU!
I am leaving my comments open today.
Feel free to tell me why you would enjoy a big popcorn package at your house.