Monday, June 23, 2008

Wasatch Back

Over the weekend I ran in a spectacular relay race. It was so hard. I wanted to die. And cry. (and I did) But I was running with some fabulous people and I love them. I plan on posting more about this 24+ event in my life later on...
Mr. Nielson was there the whole way smiling and cheering me on. That was nice. He followed me in the car and made sure I was comfortable and well-rested. I really love him-
Except once I was really tired and Mr. Nielson made me drink some water and I didn't want to because I was so in the zone and he told me like 5000000000 more times to drink the water and I didn't and then he said
"Stephanie drink this water Dammit"
and then I did.

I just kissed this guy goodbye for another 10 days.
That sucks.

AZ Del Sol race.