Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sleep in heavenly peace.

No, Mr. Nielson is not sick. (whew)
Mr. Nielson is sleeping. Sleeping in this morning, because he can.
In fact, Mr. Nielson has been sleeping in everyday this week.
Mr. Nielson got a new job.
He starts on Monday.
Mr. Nielson works for a company that blows stuff up. He is excited!
So in the interim, he gets to sleep in, go to Costco with me and do manly jobs around the house with his shirt off. (per my request)
Yesterday I came home from a morning errand and he was oiling up the garage door.
After that he tinkered with his motorcycle.
The day before that I made him change every diaper in the house, pick up a few items around town, and fix the DVD/TV (unsuccessful)
Today we are going to go and buy a kite, take the children to the park and watch Jimmy annoy everyone. Sounds fun.
I am going to make him go to the store and pick up a few items and in return I will make him peach cobbler. See how that works?
I like my husband home, but lets be honest any longer than a week- I don't think so.