Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prayers were answered

(lunch/tinkle stop in Page, AZ)
I made it! I really did it, and seriously I think because I felt the blog word at work.
The prayers and sweet e-mails from encouraging peeps sent me to Utah on wings.
It was one of the best Utah trips I have ever made.
The children were calm ( it was WWF once in the backseat) with only a few squeaks from gigs. Actually I take that back. About 2 hours from my destination, Gigs screamed and didn't stop until we pulled into Fir Ave. By then, I was running on pure adrenalin.
We were greeted with loving arms and Cafe Rio (its better in UT then AZ)
I am eager (overly-excited) to see Mr. Nielson this evening. It has been about 5 days people.