Monday, June 30, 2008

Letters to Mr. Nielson: My party, rock band, and a bite.

Dear Mr. Nielson,
You really missed out on Friday when (whether I wanted to or not) I turned 27. Look at the cake my Mom got for me at non-other-than the Provo Bakery. Look at all of the candles in the cake, and hold the phone! Are those sparklers in the cake...yes, yes they are.
Of course we let balloons off- Claire accidentally
let hers off early and Gigs would not let his go period.
The day was fantastic. Lucy took me to get a pedicure. We met Andrew for lunch at the new hip pizzeria and my Dad took me to dinner. Speaking of my Dad, he took the car and scrubbed it inside and out. What a guy!

Then we used forks, spoons, fingers and ate my cake like a 1-year old.

Saturday the family got together at Courtney's retro house and we
played a mean game of Rock band. (my family is awesome)
Here I am with my sisters-I rocked the bass. Me, Andrew, Vance, and chickie at the drums. Matt really got into the game with his mullet wig.

Then Claire got eaten by the blasted Utah misquote and her eye when wild. She is absolutely embarrassed by her "hunch back" look.
Poor Claire.
I went to listen to Glen Beck speak tonight. I really love that guy.
Gigs had a fever off and on Sunday and I am tired. Can't wait to see you.