Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Keepin' it real.

Ten questions were asked. Ten questions answered.
Nine pictures taken. Enjoy this tour of my life.
Thanks KT

1.Kitchen sink- ready for dinner.
2.Refrigerator (yes, that is coffee mate to use as a creme for delicious chocolate cake)

3.Favorite room (guest room) love the yellow-makes me ultra happy!

5. Favorite shoes (right now anyway)

6. Closet/dresser drawer Totally unorganized-this is just one chest of my mess.
You should see Mr. Nielson's...spotlessly organized.
7. Toilet. This is the room in the house which has no paint color...still deciding. (wallpaper?)
You bet that is gigs checking out the toilet water.

8. Hamper...keeping up with the wash. This is pretty good.

9. Me.
10. Germany