Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Letters to Mr. Nielson: Hanging around.

Dear Mr. Nielson,
You are coming home to me today! I am so excited! I will be there to pick you up at the airport and then on to my belated birthday date. I can't wait to see what you have planned for me. I am mostly excited to see you!
I am so over the 1-2 hour conversations 5 times daily on the phone.
I am so ready to have you close!
Here are some pictures of the trip so far. I love it here. Can't wait to have you.

pictures left to right:
{1.mr. nielson with nicholas, 2.family photos with papa jones 3.gigs at my legs 4.lucy in yellow 5.the girlies ready for swimming 6.ollie and nan 6.courtney and anson 7.mr.nielson and gigs again 7.andrew and ollie 8.papa jones and stella 9.claire and the thunderdogs hat 10.papa jones, mom and dad 11.al, jamison, lucy and suze chatting the evening away 12.luke and andrew ready for cougar football 13.andrew, megan, drew, lolo, stella, luke with papa jones and photographer chris k. 14 &15. under the carport 16.DAD 17.jesse and max 18.courtney and anson nursing 18.jesse jr 19.courtneys door at the retro house 20.maxy and mom 21.nie and courtney
22.lucy's ring 23.claire and dad.}