Friday, June 20, 2008

Greetings from Israel

Chapter 2: Walking the streets.

"Dear Stephanie,
Jerusalem is rich with history. Inhabited by the worlds three largest religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
Although there is a lot of tension and political unrest much of everyday life is peaceful with three faiths intermingling on a daily basis. Jerusalem is a holy site for Muslims and Jews and Bethlehem for Christians being the birth place of Jesus.
As an American born to Palestinian parents, I am always honored to walk through these streets that are rich with history. Words cannot begin to express the feelings you have when visiting these sites, joy, enchantment, awe, but most of all and overwhelming sadness for a country so bitterly divided.
Hope For Peace!
love, Iman"

1.A picture of what the guards look like, and the guns they carry at all times!!
2.The souk (shopping area) You will find two orthodox Jews,
a nun behind them and Muslims as well.
3.The kids and I sitting in front of the Dome of The Rock.