Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wall art and top-hats.

The kids filled up my hall wall with their colorful art.
Mr. Nielson and I spent an entire evening after the
children were in bed laughing at what was created.
For instance, anything drawn by 3 year old Ollie is a classic.
We love Claire's "The Jane and Tarzan series". So anatomically correct
(if you know what I mean)

Jane's "cowboy family"really depicted our family nicely, each with very unique cowboys hats on. Unfortunately it caused some tears because Claire's hat ended up looking more like a show-girl top hat than cowboy hat.

This just in:
In a e-mail today from the Netherlands, Sia kindly informs me that
Oliver's photo shoot post was misinforming.
Her e-mail read:
Hello Stephanie
Your blog is a delight to read, I enjoy your posts a lot - they always have this positive feel to it. I just read your post Ollie goes to Hollywood. That must have been quite an experience, a photo shoot!
Just a note, that the website you're referring to is a Dutch website, not a Danish one.
If you ever need a translator (Dutch-English)... :-)
cheers from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

- Sia
Thank you Sia!