Monday, May 19, 2008


Mr. Nielson recently got home from a business trip to San Fransisco.
When the car pulled in the garage 4 happy little children ran out to greet the families breadwinner. Daddy was home. I was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Perfect timing.
Mr. Nielson bounded through the door with the children practically stuck to his body.
In his hands were a dozen deep red roses wrapped in newspaper.
It was a sweet welcome home gift.
We pondered over the weekend what pulls our time. Work, yoga, airplanes,travel, blogging, and school. It was another vivid reminder that what matters most is what is non of the above, but rather what abides with us in our humble home.
Our Marriage + Our Children = Treasure.
Claire, Jane Bronwyn, Oliver and of course our little critter the gigs Nicholas.
Our marriage matters most, and our church activity.
With the right perspective, life is actually very wonderful. Really it is.
I saw a funny bumper sticker yesterday on a beat-up jalopy. It read:
"Don't be fooled by my car, my treasure is really in heaven."
Is my treasure in heaven? I believe it is, and I believe my home is heaven on earth.