Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nie's Wonderful Mother Week

Day three

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I would love to pick every single one of you because each story touched me so deeply!
Congrats Nicole from Idaho. I loved your story. Thanks for sharing.
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My sister Courtney from Cjane enjoy it writes:

"All I know of motherhood so far is incessant kicking. This Gestator is a lively one and I am constantly aware of his positioning inside my belly. His in-utero movements are the first thing I hope for in the morning, the last thing I feel at night, and sometimes his hic-hic-hic-up-ing wakes me up sometime in between.

Oh yes, I've thought about making big plans. Drafting discipline measures for future temper tantrums. Taking out financial plans for his easement into college. I've even scouted out his future bride (never too early!) But something inside of me always gravitates back to the present. The kicking, the rolling, the spasms--though sometimes uncomfortable-- that let me know he is alive and growing.

And for now, I suppose, that is all I need to know."

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What is your Mothers best advice?
Best words of wisdom wins.