Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nie's Wonderful Mother Week

Day four
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Congrats to Mandy.
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Rachel at Black*Eiffel reflects on motherhood with this darling poem:

"My little one is doomed to freckles and feist,
So I work really hard on teaching her to be nice.

When she throws those teacups and climbs on tables,
Sometimes I wonder... am I really able?

Even though she may have some sassy days,
I'm also surprised by her bright and classy ways.

Friendliness towards others, and her sweet side of mellow,
Makes me think someday she will meet quite the fellow.

She really knows how to get down and groove
From an eighteen month old, can I really pick up hip moves?

Truth be told, I love this cute little one
Being her mom, I don't think I've ever had so much fun.

A great ball of energy, my little ham
She reminds me that being a mother, is who I truly am."

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Can you say Perfect?!

****Don't miss out on the Blissful Living Studio Open House Friday and Saturday!
Bring Mom and treat her to a few classes together!
I am teaching a class on a how-to-silhouettes for your family.
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Creative Goddess Heather Bailey-
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Heather inspires women across the country to be creative in their everyday lives-
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What is the best dinner Mom makes?
Winner takes the loot!