Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nie's Wonderful Mother Week

Day two:
{A happy congrats to Robin from Chicago, who won the vintage clip.
She describes her mother "soft"
(Robin, e-mail me for contact info)}

Kelly McCaleb of My happy little life writes:

"The moment I looked at my daughter for the first time I doubled in my desires to be a good, strong, faithful woman. Motherhood has made me feel everything more deeply: love, joy, happiness, but also pain, worry, and fear. And as hard and tiring as that sounds (and it is both hard and tiring), that fullness of emotion is what I love about motherhood. I will take the worry and work if with it comes love that makes you want to burst, happiness that makes you float, and a desire to nurture that sends you on the errand of angels. Being a mother fills me with purpose. I love it."
Rachel at Darlybird is at it again! This time she is giving away this gorgeous necklace.
Wouldn't Mom love that?!

What has been your Mom's favorite homemade gift from you?
Winner takes the necklace.