Monday, May 05, 2008

Nie's Wonderful Mother Week

Welcome one and all to:

Nie's Wonderful Mother Week!

A week's worth of delightful giveaways for Mom
(or you because you are a rockin' Mom too!)
And a blogging Mother's expression of what their favorite part of this
divine role means to them.

Lynne at Sugar City Journal writes:

"I love being a part of my children's firsts: their first cry, their first little suck, their first little words, first little prayers and first little (or ginormous) tantrums. This picture captures my first glimpse into baby Aida's confused and unbelievably innocent newborn eyes, and the million unspeakable emotions that make me love being a mother."

Rachel at Darlybird is giving away this adorable Vintage Ada Flower Clip.

I think your mom needs one.

Whoever can best describe their mother in one word gets the clip.

Speaking of Mothers, yours truly was featured in Todays Mama.