Monday, April 07, 2008

Saturday's warrior.

Saturday I felt sorry for myself.
Sometimes I do that. You see, the first Saturday of April Mr. Nielson goes to a conference for church. All them men do for that matter. It is a time when the women-folk get together and make pies and cookies and all sorts of homemade goods. OR, sometimes we have just have dinner together and talk about our husbands and spiritual matters.
Living away from my Clark family sucks sometimes.
I missed being with my sisters and mother.

Upon feeling sorry for myself, I took the children to the famous Dairy Queen on Main and we got vanilla cones with sprinkles.

Mr. Nielson felt sorry for me too becuase he took me to dinner when he got
home on the motie
(short for motorcycle)
in his suit. It was hot.

HOLY COW, when you have a good 15 minutes, sit down and listen to this. please!!
My favorite talk of the conference.
If the simple things are being attneded too,