Monday, April 28, 2008

Nie's Best of Vintage

Here it is ladies, Nie's best of Vintage...all from you. Thanks for the e-mails from friends far and wide. So nice hearing stories and personal tid bits of your vintage love.
Sounds like we would all make classy ladies in red lipstick.

(click on picture for full effect and commentary from me)

Must see Vintage sites
Angela's site
Eve's site
Life of a Jersey Girl
ReVamp (redoing the vintage)
Red Dress Shoppe
Mobe Clothing (darling swimsuits)
Lipstick Vouge (how to pin curls)
Megan's shop
Liebemarlene vintage Shop
and Blog
And a very romantic vintag-ie story here.

Now go make me proud and wear your gloves and peek-a-boo toe shoes to church!