Monday, April 14, 2008

Mr Nielson the ranch hand.

Mr Nielson and his father took off to the family ranch for some male bonding moments and hard work. I was hesistant letting him leave his family to spend 4 days away from us-he KNOWS I don't sleep well alone...
Today I received a sweet letter from that Mr. Nielson,

"To my sweet babe back home.

Today, I arrived at the ranch...just me and my dad. It's very peaceful and quiet here like it always is. It's snowing lightly even though the sun is out, and the wind is blowing like a banshee. When it was early afternoon I began thinking to myself how cold my bed is going to be tonight without you by my side. I miss you already!
Here's what I have pondered during the 5 hour drive here: This morning's kiss goodbye to you while you were sleeping snug in your bed; Ollie's surgery; Our special spots at the Ranch; The snow that you love; Knowing that you miss me!
I love you!


It was a very nice touch to the morning fireworks...Claire insisting her teacher told them all school was canceled FOREVER...Oliver whipping Jimmy with his large, over-sized stick he found outside...Nicholas eating last nights potato peelings out of the garbage...Jane loosing her doll blueberry and the drama, oh the drama!!...Jimmy humping the neighbor-boy who came over to jump on the trampoline (that was most embarrassing).

I certainly will miss my darling. Looking forward to tomorrow's ranch update.