Monday, April 21, 2008

Heres what happened.

Weekend review:

Claire learns to shake those hips and hula hoop.

Cousin Katie comes to town with kids.
On a more personal side note, Nicholas has not been dressed since Tuesday.
Mr. Nielson and I go shopping. I find super soft tee shirts and big huge rimmed sun hat. He finds new flips, tees and pants. We also buy 6 new yellow plates. I love them.
Then we ordered a gigantic piece of chocolate cake and devoured it while watching crazy drunk people on Mill Ave. Going home was the best part of that date. I loves that guy!
Church was edifying as usual. We had a nice visit from the missionaries this afternoon. They showed us a movie about not being afraid to invite peeps to church, except sometimes I am. Then their DVD got stuck in our DVD player. That was especially embarrassing.
Before bed, I tucked the girlies in and saw on the floor near their bed the outfits that will accompany them for tomorrow activities.

Then Mr. Nielson and I watched JUNO. Stupid movie.

the end.