Thursday, April 24, 2008

A guessing game.

5:53 a.m. I wake up. The sun is up and so am I.
When I eat spaghetti I don't chew it.
I used to love the tub, but now I really hate it.
I used to get dressed but now I don't.
I love to pull my dogs ears.
{do you know who I am yet?}
I love to ride on my dog like a horse.
I scream when I don't get my water bottle pronto
I cant talk very well yet.
I like to put soap in my hair and scrub it, but despise washing it out with water.
I poop a lot.
I like to arch my back when my mom puts me into my car seat so its really hard for her.
I like to stick my hands down into my private area.
Do you know who I am?