Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From Bluewater with love; Letters to his wife from Mr. Nielson-the ranch hand.

From Bluewater with love...

I operated the tractor all morning which means I did a lot of thinking...about you over course. As I surveyed the beauty of this place, I have visions of our house we will build up here...that prairie glass house.

Some day we will load up our family and I will fly us up here anytime we want. Especially for General Conference Weekends, Mountain West Conference football game weekends (when we can't watch the Cougs play on any AZ television), or just to beat the heat, etc, etc, etc. That sounds so fun! I just got out of the shower this evening after a long day of ranch work. It's pretty dusty, dirty, and my hands feel like alligator skin. I'll need to moisturize that away before I come home and touch you! Can't wait!