Friday, April 25, 2008

feeling self-centered and blogging Q-A's

Why blog?
I blog because I love my life. Because I love my children. Because I love that Mr. Nielson of mine. I blog because right now gigs in the sink taking a tub and it is sooooo cute and I love to share that type of information with you.

And because yesterday in a brief moment of intense sugar thoughts, I made cookies and now my children have had them for dinner AND breakfast. I like you to know of that.
I blog because I can make a few bucks.
I blog because I can publicly share my love for my Savior Jesus Christ and because I can invite peeps to church. Want to come?
I blog because I can take really awesome pictures of myself.
That's why.

Happy weekend. Monday I am posting about the best of Vintage. E-mail me if you have anything to share.

Spiritual Enlightenment here.
(thanks Brittany)