Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The beauty of spring.

For months a little sparrow has been nesting-
in our roof vents.
A safe, practical place to raise her little darlings.
Today junior was pushed out and expected to become something of him/herself.
Claire picked up junior and stuffed him into a bird house she made at summer camp. It took two monkey wrenches and prayers to get him/her out.
Jane fed junior or a piece of cheese. Not exactly his/her idea of dinner.
And when junior tried to run away from Oliver and find a safe haven up Nicholas shorts, junior was (with a firm grip) thrown right in front of Jimmys nose.
(it could have been bad, except Mr. Nielson has a very firm voice and jimmy backed off).

poor junior.

Junior is safe now. He flew away just last night.
I had to think about my own babies.
Someday they will fly away from my nest too but not before a little wear and tear from the world. I hope I can be ready.
Everyone says it goes by fast and to enjoy it.
I think I get it now.