Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Singing with the opera.

Mr. Nielson came home from work only to announce that it was time.
Time to get his tonsils out. In our 7 years of marriage, he has had tonsillitis and other sore throats a total of 190849085640867 times.

Here, Mr. Nielson lays with sons Nicholas and Oliver on a sunny afternoon-sick.
Honey you deserve to be better.
Once when I was 8, I got my tonsils out too.
My father sent me a dozen of yellow roses and wrote on a card with his fast and furious businessman handwriting-

"Now you will sing with the opera"

I will never forget that card.
Mr. Nielson, now you can sing with them too.
I am here for you baby-doll.

PS. Here is a wonderful blog that we should visit everyday.
Thanks Andrea!