Friday, March 28, 2008

A friday love note.

My dearest Mr. Nielson,
As you bent down to smooch me (all curled up in bed)this morning before you left for work, my heart filled with immense love for you. Each day at the break of dawn (or before) you roll out of bed leaving our warm haven and down on your knees to pray. Faintly I hear the shower as I doze off and on dreaming (probably of you, or actually this morning it was of Linsday Jones? I know, weird.)
Thank you for making the family breakfast each morning. I know I can count on a big, warm bowl of steel cuts oats. Yum.
I like our deal: you make the cereal, I make the whole wheat bread.
I am so looking forward to today. I love Friday's. Fridays I get to go on a date with you-if we can find a babysitter, those are so hard to find! (...ring....ring....ring...hi, this is Stephanie Nielson, do you want to babysit my 4 children, oh and just so you know, my 17 mo. old eats teeth and if he gets hungry he will just feed himself dog one will understand but-I'll keep searching).
I am going to get all dolled up this evening. I am going to shave my legs, do my hair, and wear that top you love that makes you lay your eyes on me.

Until then,

your adoringly

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