Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have you ever really loved a woman?

Mr. Nielson says he has (me, of course) and before you think Nie is he cheesiest thing around (which I am sometimes) consider the lyrics to the song
"Have you ever really loved a Woman".

They are Beautiful.
Forget the fact that Bryan Adams sings it (because the Robin Hood theme song was bad enough) and think about what he is saying.
One day I was driving in the car and listening to Delilah(because seriously, who doesn't?) and this song came on. And I am not ashamed to admit I really love this song. In fact, I am so emotionally involved with it, just the other day over lunch with Lucy and Mother I testified of its truthfulness and even shed a few tears in the process.
And last week told Mr. Nielson my unabashed affection for it and after dinner he turned it up
r e a l l y loud and asked me to dance amid the
post-dinner chaos right there in the kitchen.
That is why I dub
"Have you ever really loved a Woman"
as this years "Love Song 2008".
Mr. Nielson and I have one every year. Last year was Paul McCartney's "My Love"
Now excuse me, it is Valentines day I am going to be very busy today getting
dolled up for my sweetheart.
Clipping, teasing, applying, and nail-painting all are on the docket for today's acitivities, plus a few others which are frankly, none of your beezwax.

[This just in: Nie and Mr. Nielson quoted ....]

Check it out here.

Have a very passionate Valentines day.

(p.s if Bryan Adams in a white tux make you queasy, consider just reading the lyrics here.)