Thursday, December 13, 2007

Handmade Christmas #6

Andrea Everman, 29, Chicago

What inspires you? Big stacks of paper or envelopes, a cleared-off table, a new brush. Seeing other people draw or make things. Or having something in your head that you can clearly see but want to explain to somebody else.

What makes you happy? Sometimes going around I see things that are quietly funny-- like the shoe store I passed yesterday that was called "Sexy Ladies of the Hollywood". But mostly I'm happy making things, or figuring out how to make things.

where did you learn to make puppets? I went the the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where one of my teachers was a honest -to- goodness puppeteer. Redmoon Theater, which is famous for puppetry and puppet spectacles is also here in Chicago and I have a loose affiliation with them. And then I taught art as a grade school teacher for a while and did puppet projects with my students, so I had to pick up some skills here and there.

Favorite Christmas song? I'm still a sucker for anything from the Charlie Brown Christmas special soundtrack... But I also like the Olde English carols about Christmas traditions that are now obscure, like songs that reference wassailing or demanding Christmas pudding.

What is your favorite homemade gift you have ever received? The family on my mom's side is Dutch, and they live in a part of Michigan were they have parades and festivals in native Dutch costumes. When I was a kid I LOVED these costumes and my grandma made me one for Christmas- but a Dutch boy costume because I was such a tomboy. I had wooden shoes and everything, it was great.

One word that describes you? erm,....museful?

Oliver absolutely loves the owl.

Other favorites: Andrea just revealed her new shadow puppet stage.

This is the more than charming, it is beautiful!

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