Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas was here: act one

Giggs with his new lil German made Schoenhut piano.
Tickle those ivories pal.

Claire and wig.
Claire and Jane are shocked that Santa Claus actually dressed their American girl dolls
and set them under the tree.

The boys unravel Christmas a-plenty.
Ollie discovers his new Bosch drill. A favorite.

While Claire unwraps her gift from Jane-a locket with both girls photos.
Princess Claire tries on her new handmade crown from Umi.

Jane dances around as the sugar-plumb princess.

I got a macbook pro from the charming Mr. Nielson, I am up in arms trying to figure her out. Now excuse me while Mr. Nielson and I snuggle up together and watch out Season 3 of Lost and the Bourne Ultimatum.

Stay tune for:
Christmas brunch.
Christmas Eve and
More Christmas day.