Thursday, November 08, 2007

You kept me up all night.

Dear Mr. Nielson,

A personal letter to you from me is very tardy. You see, last night as I lay in bed with you I was thinking a lot about you and I wanted to write you a memo.
Did you know you woke up abruptly and thought something in the air was going to fall on you? I kept grabbing your hand persuading you back to the covers, but you kept wafting the air trying to save us both. Then, you finally retired to bed in a confusing state and a kiss from me reassured you back to dreamland.
It was like the time you swore a gigantic tarantula was invading my skin and you kept slapping my chest area to “save” me. Then I slapped your face, and then you woke up.
Sometimes you are a peculiar husband.
Oh darling, you make me laugh, and that is one reason I love you.
Have a lovely day; I will see you when you get home. I am going to make you scrumptious pumpkin bread and greet you naked at the door. Just kidding. You wish.