Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Handmade Christmas #5

Sharon Miller 45, Seattle, Washington
What inspires you? I get inspired by watching the types of purses and clothing women are carrying and wearing, the color, style, size, material, etc.I also get inspired by window shopping and see what's in store for the seasons and the colors that are in.

What makes you happy? Crocheting, knitting, designing and taking care of my family makes me happy.
Where did you learn to sew/design? I will make a long story short; At age 12 I was bedridden with rheumatic fever for a year. Before I became sick, the neighbor lady down the street was very friendly and I would visit her and watch her knit and crochet. Then when I became ill, she came to visit me and taught me to knit and crochet at the same time and I made potholders, then the "poodle dog bottle covers", then a cardigan sweater.

Favorite Christmas song is "Oh, Holy Night"

Favorite "homemade" gift that you received: A little ceramic basket that my girlfriend made me over 18 years ago with her own two hands.

One word that describes you: I would have to say is "caring," I have a caring nature for others and things.
Sharon sells all over the world from Italy to Singapore and Iceland to Bolivia. Other favorites that Sharon creates is her beautiful fluffy scarf that will add nicely to any ones winter ensemble.

here I am with this darling hat.

To check out Sharon's Esty store go here. You can also check out Sharon's blog here.