Saturday, December 08, 2007

Handmade Christmas #2

Julie Persons 39, rural town in Maine

What inspires you: my children, motherhood, nature, the way the trees move in the air, the tiniest things in nature
What makes you happy: being free to make my own choices, raising sturdy children who are loving and know their truest selves, finding my creative self
Where did you learn to work with felt: I have been self taught over the years, I have always loved the feel of wool, the softness and the way it breathes. Felting is a natural extension of that, I think.
Favorite Christmas song: The Christmas Song
What is your favorite homemade gift you have ever received: Afghan my mother crocheted for me when i was around 6; I still have it, still cherish it.
One word that describes you: Loving.

Look how adorable this darling felt hair pin looks in Jane's hair.

Other favorites are Julie's darling nursing dolls. Perfect gift for any mother with heart.

Check out Julie's Etsy store here and her blog here.